Dr. Hughes receives many requests for letters of reference each year. She is unable to write letters for:
– Study Abroad Applications
– Students who have graduated prior to 2019
– Students who have only completed online coursework
– Non confidential submissions (giving letters directly to students)

Dr. Hughes may consider writing a letter of support for students who have:
– Completed one full semester of an in-person course at the 300 or 400 level
– Demonstrated perseverance, leadership, or excellence in their studies
– Gone beyond and above the requirements of their degree
– Made an effort to show interpersonal growth and positivity

A successful letter request requires:
– Contacting Dr. Hughes at least one month in advance of the deadline
– Supplying a resume/CV, unofficial transcripts, and a paragraph about skills, strengths, and exceptionalities
– Submitting the payment to the study program for references one week in advance so that the auto-email prompts are received by Dr. Hughes in adequate time

Please note that UCalgary graduate school applications must be submitted over 48 hours before the deadline as the software that sends the email link takes up to 2 days to send. (E.g., applications due on December 1st must be paid and submitted by November 29th).